Community Involvement

Community involvement is an important part of our value system. As President Rick Carstensen says, “Build something positive in yourself and those around you every day.” CCI is dedicated to applying that philosophy to everything we do.

CCI takes pride in making a positive impact on the communities in which we live, work, and play. Whether it is at home or out on a project site, we strive to leave the community better than when we arrived.

2009 Minnesota State Fair Eco Experience Exhibit Sponsor

This year CCI is a Gold Sponsor of the Eco Experience Exhibit at the Minnesota State Fair, August  27 - September 7, 2009. The Eco Experience is an educational exhibit that showcases cutting-edge, environmentally-friendly services and products. The event strives to inspire Minnesotans to take direct actions that will help them live more sustainable lives, improve the environment, and enhance quality of life. CCI was also a sponsor for this exhibit in 2007 and 2008.

Pipestone County Hospice, Pipestone, MN

In 2009, CCI gave the Pipestone County Hospice a monetary donation.

Elkhorn Ridge, Bloomfield, NE

From our code of conduct, to purchasing as many local products and services as feasible, CCI strives to make a positive impact on the local community during each project. During the Elkhorn Ridge project, CCI purchased goods and services from as many local vendors as possible including fuel, concrete, miscellaneous supplies, food and housing.

Pancake Feed, Buffalo, OK

During the Buffalo Bear project employees helped raise money for the local theater. CCI donated the food and supplies for a pancake feed, while the employees donated their time.

Pipestone County Speedway, Pipestone, MN

In 1999, CCI built the local circle track that is used by the International Kart Federation and a local group called the Pipestone Flat Trackers. Each year events such as quad and Motorcycle flat track races and the Kart Racing National Event are held at this track, attracting visitors from all over Minnesota. CCI continues to support this project through regular maintenance of the track, keeping it in great shape as each season progresses.