Workplace Safety

Safety is more than just a program at CCI, it is one of our core values. We place the value of people above all else and keeping everyone safe is a responsibility we take very seriously. We make it everyone’s responsibility to ensure safety remains the top priority in the office and on a project site. It is through a combined effort that accidents are minimized, if not entirely prevented.


The Carstensen Safety Program encompasses comprehensive training, prevention, maintenance, careful analysis, and the empowerment of individuals to provide a safe work environment for everyone, from employees and subcontractors, to anyone on-site. All employees receive training in proper conduct and company policies. In addition, a safety analysis is conducted at each project site prior to construction. A site-specific safety orientation is developed and everyone is required to attend before entering the site. Daily pre-construction safety meetings are led by the safety officer and site superintendent.

During the pre-qualification process, subcontractors are required to supply Carstensen with a copy of their safety programs and sign a contract committing themselves to the CCI and OSHA directed initiatives.

Our safety procedures are clearly documented and reviewed on a regular basis for applicability and areas where they can be improved. Everyone is entitled to a safe and healthful place in which to work. To this end, we are committed to making safety a priority.

Strategies that Set the Tone for Safety

Safety orientation can be an excellent opportunity to set the Safety tone for a project. It guides the workers to understand their role and the importance of Safety.

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